"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" JRL Alert At The Welcome Back To NYC Party

by Chiara Atik · September 15, 2010

Summer is ovah, which means a mass return to the city from the Hamptons/Biarritz/wherever, which means throwing a massive party with dancing, live music, grapes, and everyone's favortite Jew-Jetter (I could kill myself for typing those nine characters), JRL.-

Go HERE for more photos by Sunny Norton, and tag yourself and your friends!

Attica threw a huge "Back To NYC Party" on the roof of the OHM building over the weekend. The party lasted for hours, with ending with a live concert against the lit-up background of Midtown. (Everybody loves Midtown when it's from 40 floors up, no? It's the groundlevel that sucks.)

JRL was there, with his purple shirt unbuttoned the requisite five bottons, exposing a silver tag necklace, nestled softly among what we're sure is very well-manicured chest hair. (Lest you think his mostly-unbuttoned shirt is inelegant, we're happy to inform you he did have a pocket square.

The picture at left is epic, by the way. Look at JRL's expression of confusion and surprise upon realizing that someone else stepped into what SHOULD have been a picture of him.

It's good to have you back in the City, JRL.

Wow, really?

This photo makes me miss college.

This picture does not.