"Best 2K I Ever Spent" LAVO Serves Up Brunch With A Side Of Bikini

by Mara Siegler · June 24, 2011

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LAVO has gone full frat boy with a "F**k the Hamptons: Bikini Brunch." If you didn't guess from the name, it's all about bikinis. At brunch. Did LAVO get a pool?  Is there a secret hot tub only select VIPs who spend $10,000 on champagne are aware of and given access to?

That would be pretty cool, but no.  It's just boozy brunch complete with plastic fish, and face paint, and pirate swords, and dancing on tables! And....bikinis!

Do women like this idea and will they participate?

When I first heard about this, I immediately thought no.  To be fair, I am not the customer for boozy brunch, even the clothed ones, because I believe that getting up and getting eggs and maybe another drink or two to ease a searing hangover should not involve sparklers, loud music, or having to shower and put on anything other than cutoffs and some sandals.

But to each their own tribe. Apparently, there are plenty of girls who love a side of sparklers with their meal and those who want to take their breakfast in Midtown, inside, in swimwear!  Judging from the pictures, there is a whole subculture of women who have been uncomfortable and constricted by their clothes while eating bacon, women whose only thought while experiencing the sweet taste of maple syrup was, "I wish I had my shirt off."

Most of these women do appear to be paid by the club, though there is an incredibly minuscule chance that a few of them just happened to own LAVO-branded midriffs and have a fetish for sitting in giant champagne tubs at restaurants in midtown.

But just because they are employees doesn't make the party any less fun. It's actually smart on LAVO's part-Most  non-hired women would not want to be the first to don a bathing suit. They need to see others do it to know that it's OK and acceptable. Then if they want, they'll join the pack.

This skin-baring concept, which seems thought up by Spring Break beach party masterminds and Joe Francis, is clearly angled towards bringing in more men.  But the lads won't be showing off their waxed chests. Men are required to WEAR SHIRTS.

Yep, no beef cake leering for you ladies. It's your turn to be on display. Unless, like the guy below, they decide to disregard the strict rules at LAVO. Maybe next month they'll throw a F**k John Mayer: Banana Hammock Brunch?  Fingers crossed!

For those interested in checking out this crazy party, they run on Saturdays. Bathing suits are not required.