"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Le Baron Celebrates Kitsune Collaboration At Le Bain

by Mara Siegler · February 14, 2011

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Le Baron, the much anticipated outpost of the Parisian lounge, failed to open the Chinatown location before fashion week.  So instead, Andre Saraiva and Lionel Bensemoun created a pop-up party at Le Bain in collaboration with Kitsuné, the fashion brand and electronic pop label.

Friday\'s party was the epitome of French cool. Photos and interview with Kitsuné\'s cofounder below. Plus! Get a free download of Kitsuné PARISIEN!

GrandMarnier, Leyla & Ben Heartsrevolution and Annabelle and Alexander Dexter-Jones were all slotted to spin, but Annabelle let her brother, who has regular slot at Le Bain, take the gig while she rested to walk in her sister Charlotte\'s show the next day.


Guests got to hear the new compilation Kitsuné PARISIEN, featuring French-electro music and put together by Andre and Gildas Loaec, one of the founders of the Kitsuné brand who not only worked with Daft Punk for 15 years but numerous other bands like Phoenix, Hot Chip, Klaxons, and currently, Two Door Cinema Club.


Kitsuné has been a music label for seven years and produced 4-5 compilations per year. Most of the bands on previous albums have been from the UK or America, despite the brand being based in Paris.

"Finally, we decided to work the local scene," Gildas told GofG.  "See what is going on around us. We wanted to promote the French touch.  We are known world-wide so it was good to help French artists benefit."


Gildas and Andre, famous in the graffiti world as Mr. A, previously collaborated on clothing and it made sense for them to work together again.

"Andre, as an artist, represents a certain kind of French chic in terms of style and his character, Monsieur A. It was really good to have him work the art to give it a strong identity and visual, and make it more collectible in a way since it is made by a well-known artist."

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