"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Le Cirque's First Ever Late Night

by SARAH MANDATO · November 23, 2009

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After hearing all the chatter about an uptown hoedown, we found ourselves uncharacteristically above 14th Street on Friday to see if Le Cirque's first late night bash proved rumors that those big numbered streets are picking things up.

Well, hands in the air, girl on girl smooching and DJ Francesco Civetta are pretty good arrows pointing toward a successful first late night for the iconic restaurant. Uptown the new downtown, though? Without a hipster, model or artsy type; the very apparent 'we're not in Kansas anymore' feel could take a little adjustment, as could the cab fare. Still, we love welcoming new friends to the always-more-the-merrier nightlife scene.

Interesting that the guy in the background is looking at the camera, and not the two women kissing.