"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Mad Lib Festivities At Good Company BBQ

by SUSANNAH LONG · June 18, 2010

Summer cookouts are like newborn babies: essentially the same, yet somehow different. Shut up, that was a good analogy. Grab a friend, and let’s do some mad libs to explore how the recent blow-out barbecue at Good Company fits into the cookout continuum!

The kids had a (adjective) conversation about (current event), but Jeremy had to (verb) it with his (profane adjective) hand gestures.

When Eliza got her (judgmental adjective) tattoo and Lucy pierced both sides of her lips, the girls’ (plural relative) announced, “(non sequitur exclamation)!”

(Noun) was this (adjective), swear to God.

While Harry was distracted, Janine (adverb) attempted to (verb) his (made-up synonym for knee-crease).

Truman eyed his (number) cousin, trying decide whether he could (verb) her after her (number) PBR.

(Imperative verb) the (profession)!

Love means never having to (activity).

Everyone tells her she looks like (celebrity), but all she cares about is putting that (noun) in her mouth.

The summer air brings out (type of wildlife) and (body part).

She’s trying to (verb) her cigarette, and he’s just trying to stay (adjective). Their friendship is (adjective).

Yeah, (term of affection), (imperative verb) that barrel (adverb).

She may have (physical deformity), but she sure is (adjective).

Girl 1 is thinking of (cute animal). Girl 2 is thinking of (violent action). Girl 3 is thinking of (neurotic fixation).

[All photos via Nicky Digital]