"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Hot Tubs And Slip-N-Slides At 3AM

by ZARAH BURSTEIN · June 18, 2010

    You pull out your cell phone and see the time…at this point you think the night has ended and you’ve seen it all, including the drunk guy who just threw up in between the speaker system and the girl who passed out on the couch next to you. But wait - it's not over just yet.

    The bottles of vodka ordered at the table are all empty and you’ve just had someone else sign your name on the bill because you can’t seem to make any sense of the piece of paper sitting in front of you. Now that the crowd is diminishing….what should you do?

    Here are a few ideas we got from some friends of ours over at a sharehouse in East Hampton last weekend on how to keep the momentum of the night going post 3 AM.

    1. Invite everyone you know back to your house and have a pool party. Get the hot tub ready and the floating beer pong table in the pool. Have a designated cook grill all the leftover burgers and hot dogs. If you have any extra air mattresses inflate them up and throw them in the pool – extra sleeping space is always needed.

    2. Take the DJ home with you (or be lucky enough to have them stay at your house). Keep the DJ spinning until dawn for a late night dance party. Caution: you should keep the music indoors to prevent from any noise violations.

    3. Make your basement into a slip and slide. Pour water or, even better, beer (!) all over the floors and have everyone slide around the basement. But be careful of any accidents that could cause a sobering late night visit from the paramedics.

    4. For those looking for a little romance, head to the beach with a blanket, a bottle of Rose wine, shrimp cocktail and oysters to watch the sunrise.  Hey, why not?

    And if you STILL haven’t passed out by 7 AM, get some grub from the Golden Pear to end your “night” off right.

    [Photos via Facebook]