The 2010 Essential Guide To Hamptons Nightclubs

by BRITTA LOFGREN · June 17, 2010

    Like our beloved Meatpacking club scene, Hamptons brings the same bottle-popping, fist pumping scenesters in their various degrees of posh, just with more money and more cableknits.  Read, take note, act's the 2010 Guest of a Guest guide to Hamptons nightclubs.



    RdV East

    The Rundown: Like the popular Meatpacking location, RdV East gathers the same sort of rambunctious hipster meets too-hip-for-you (or maybe they're the same thing these days?) crowd of bottle-poppers and...bottle-sprayers?

    Doorman Dish: If you roll with the right crowd (aka or The Chainsmokers, who seem to be running this joint lately), or fit the right look (PYT), you're in the clear.

    Beware: Keep in mind the seemingly inevitable drenching oneself in liquor and save the designer duds for another night.  Oh, and like your mother always suggests, use the bathroom before you leave the house - this joint's still rocking port-a-pottys.

    Axe Lounge @ Dune

    The Rundown: With The Strategic Group behind this now-established Southampton staple, celebs like Leo DiCaprio and Jay-Z used to be regulars.  Now that AXE (yes, like the deodorant) has joined in on the deal, the crowd has gotten a little those who you'd expect to use AXE.

    Doorman Dish: Bring out the big guns and move in with guerilla tactics: spray down with AXE, talk to ropemaster Brian Mazza, and ask for Zev "the Dune" Norotsky, who apparently runs the Hamptons.  Or at least the AXE Lounge.

    Beware: Wayward fist-pumps are dime a dozen at Dune, so cover that precious pout of yours before leaving your table-side perch.

    Lily Pond

    The Rundown: Also an established nightlife destination for East Enders, Lily Pond hits East Hampton backed by Provocateur owners Mike Satsky and Brian Gefter.

    Doorman Dish: Dress right, act the part, and they'll let you in...but not without paying a pretty penny.  Even at 3am they'll often request a $100 bar tab per person.  And let's be honest, at that point in the night, that's pretty much a $100 cover charge.

    Beware: Let's just say, make sure you don't spend your allowance before 3am hits.


    The Rundown: One of the few drinks, dancing, and dinner joints on this list, Georgica certainly has versatility on its side.  While we wouldn't necessarily recommend the $25 prix-fixe dinner, it's convenient, and the drink specials can't be beat.

    Doorman Dish: The EMM Group runs a tight rope on Saturday nights. We'd suggest being a supermodel, getting invited to one of their almost weekly exclusive events, or simply befriending PR princess Ariel Moses.

    Warning: Go straight to the bar if you're looking for drink specials - the wait staff seemed to have no idea what we were talking about (but they DO exist, we promise!)

    Montauk Yacht Club

    The Rundown: MYC is now, at least in our opinion, the official mecca for all the homeless hipsters who have (mistakenly?) found themselves in the sea of seersucker that is the Hamptons.  Seriously, look at these kids. We couldn't come up with a better caricature of hipster existence if we tried.  The MYC meets NYC party hits the yacht club every Saturday night.

    Doorman Dish: Our best suggestion is to come dressed the part - skinniest of jeans, bushiest of beards, flannelist of flannels.  If all else fails, try paying off the bouncer in American Spirits.

    Warning: It's real hipster.  In case we haven't made that clear.


    So there you have it.  The 2010 guide to clubbing in the Hamptons (at least so far).  Keep an eye out for our upcoming Hamptons door guide, bar guide, and restaurant guide - coming soon!

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