"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" NYC Prep's Camille Is Now Legal!

by SARAH MANDATO · October 26, 2009

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NYC Prep's Camille Hughes celebrated her 18th birthday with a party at Bogardus Mansion in TriBeCa this weekend, making her a prime target for any of-age male looking for fresh meat. During the show she had her eyes set on Harvard hotties, so should she get in and want to get the lay of the land - you heard me - beforehand, there are plenty of Crimson cuties here in the city at which she can throw game! She might not be able to get into bars legally, but based on our careful observation of where these Cambridge-ites call home among the NYC watering holes, that probably won't be an issue.

The flapper themed birthday turned into a dance party, and for some lucky partiers, a heavy makeout session. There was also a stripper, pasties and all. As a girl, I would think a male stripper would be more appropriate (call me crazy), but you know, whatever floats your boat. Also interesting is the absence of her reality show co-horts. Were bridges burned by the birthday girl? If so, at least now she's old enough to sign (or not) her own release forms...