"Best 2k I Ever Spent" Overserved Ragers Jam At Bass Squad Launch Party

by Kirby Allison · June 6, 2011

The young, fabulous and wasted showed off their party skills at the launch of Bass Squad at Good Units, a recurring party in New York City featuring both local acts as well as some big name DJ’s. The fact that this is recurring only gives  these concert-goers more time to hone their party skills, bro.

Guests got their faces melted by artists Dillon Francis, FLINCH, Hellfire Machina, LENVI & Casanova, and Soundkeepers.

Don't look so distressed, dude, you are here to RAGE!

That's better...

OMG!!! BFF!! Is there straddling going on here?

Check out my twins!

This party was such a rage no one could remember how to open their eyes.

Ah, young love.

The beginning of a beautiful bromance.