"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Rating The Tattoos At Blind Barber

by Chiara Atik · September 3, 2010

The kids at left look pretty clean cut, but don't be fooled: it was a rough an dtough crowd at Blind Barber last Tuesday. A lot of them had tattoos, even! So, naturally, we are going to rate them. (The tattoos....not the guests.)-

First up: Seated Tattoo Twins

On Him

Pros: Sheer magnitude.

Cons: I actually have no idea what it is.

On Her

Pros: Is it a....compass? If so, awesome.

Cons: Is it a ...poinsettia? If so, less awesome.

Pros: A bunny!

Cons: ....being eaten by a snake.

Pros: Abstract...I like it!

Cons: Not entirely sure it's a tattoo and he wasn't just drawing on himself....

Pros: It's intricate, a little MS Escher'esque.

Cons: Sorry, I'm distracted by that three finger ring he's got on...

Pros: It's colorful!

Cons: Crustaceans are disgusting.

On Her

Pros: Love a good tromp d'oeil!

Cons: That tattoo makes me wince.

[All photos via Nicky Digital]