"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Accessorize Yourself At The Barracuda Bar

by BRITTA LOFGREN · September 3, 2010

    From bows to boas, headphones to fashion hats, Barracuda Bar last Saturday was all about the accessories. Oh, and the interpretive dancing. But hey, isn't a great dance move kind of like any accessory?

    She may have been going for Blair Waldorf. But it ended up more along the lines of Hello Kitty.

    She thought Montauk was just a quaint lil country town...

    Look at their cute matching outfits! Oh...

    Do legs count as an accessory?

    Look! Another fashion hat! It really pulls together that dapper outfit he has on...

    This guy, well...he just wanted to express himself in the form of dance. And for that, we do not judge.

    And so did this guy!

    With lots of different women. For which, we do kind of judge. Sorry.

    You're never fully dressed without a smiiiiiiiiile

    Blackberry? Check. Drink? Check. Rosary? Uhm, check?

    Who needs accessories when I got these two fingers right here to accessorize with

    We think this guy would be offended if we called his cap a fashion hat. So...uhm..nice..cap?

    [Photos by Rob Rich]