US Supreme Court Might Actually Vote On "Ladies Night" Drink Specials

by BILLY GRAY · September 2, 2010

    Den Hollander could use a stiff, non-discounted drink. The self-proclaimed "anti-feminist lawyer" is looking to appeal a Manhattan court's ruling yesterday that bars that charge men more than women are not unconstitutional. Attention Elena Kagan: this could reach the Supreme Court. -

    A few interesting tidbits about the decision:


    The Daily News actually used the above photo in its article covering the ruling. Elaine Benes is no doubt passed out in a nearby corner.

    Not only do ladies night specials still exist outside of Cancun, but so do three of the offending venues mentioned in Hollander's lawsuit: Copacobana, China Club and Lotus.

    No one mentioned that men are often expected to pay for a woman's drinks regardless of a bar mandate enforcing the practice.

    Ladies can celebrate the verdict at Down the Hatch, Off the Wagon, Tequila Jack's, The Stumble Inn, The Hog Pit or any of the other sophisticated, feminine saloons in town that offer the rebate.

    Hollander better prepare himself for a Supreme Court bruising after threatening the survival of that lush Ruth Bader Ginsburg's favorite pastime.

    [via Sipkin/NYDN, PBS]