"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Scion Radio Goes Goofus And Gallant

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 27, 2010

Scion Radio @ White Rabbit had Aeroplane, AZARI & III, and Gina Turner, and the partyers reminded us of Goofus and Gallant. You remember Goofus and Gallant, right? Let us refresh your memory . . .

Goofus and Gallant are the Highlights for Children duo who teach children about proper behavior . Goofus always does stupid crud, and Gallant always behaves . . . gallantly. Like Clark Kent and Superman, they never appear in the same frame, leading us to wonder if Goofus is Gallant, Fight Club-style.

At the White Rabbit bash, the party kids showed us what Goofus and Gallant would do if the boys ever emerged from their eternal 2-D childhood to tear down and listen to Blu Jemz, Greg from Acid Girls, and others.

Gallant wears tight white pants with skinny suspenders, because tight white pants with skinny suspenders are a crowd-pleaser.

Goofus doesn't wear pants.

Goofus has a drinking problem. And an irritating finger gesture problem.

Gallant camouflages her drinking and finger problems by acting nonchalant.

Goofus is always anticipating a stick-up.

Gallant is always anticipating a stick-up too, but he's way cheerier about it.

Goofus dresses as old-school Madonna.

Gallant dresses as a beautiful flower, or perhaps a giant, golden turtleneck.

Goofus closes his eyes against the camera flash and the awesomeness.

Gallant brings proper eye protection.

Goofus distracts people from their work by telling lengthy anecdotes.

Gallant knows when to play strong and silent.

While dancing, Goofus imitates a shy turtle, or maybe a fetus.

Gallant rocks out like she means it.

Goofus is doing piggybacking all wrong.

Gallant knows how to get it done right.

[All photos via Nicky Digital]