"Best 2K I Ever Spent": Staving Off The Rat At Le Bain

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 14, 2011

People have taken their fear of rats up a notch since yesterday's video of a man coming face-to-face with a rat on the subway went viral. Mustaches have curled up in shock! Blue Steel poses transmogrified into innocuous pursed lips! It all happened at Nouveau York at Le Bain. Check out survival techniques within...

Some took the old-fashioned approach with some chilled  vodka...

This gal has a secret pass to the ladies' room, where she can protect herself from the rodent with her female friends.

These guys took to the Veuve and thought the Packers jersey would be enough of a reference to the old school Brett Favre to keep the  long-tailed one away.

In this example, the man uses the woman's bootay to represent the rat; he employs a three finger technique to cover his mouth from whatever may crawl his way.

Some, though, opted for the come hither, accepting the friendly rodent and its gentility.

[Images via Nicky Digital]