"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Tats, Teeth and Tequila at Goldbar's Family Night!

by REBECCA MACATEE · December 3, 2010

The family returned to Goldbar last Sunday night, but from the looks of things, no parents came out to play! Here's some highlights from the spirited, unconventional reunion...

War paint and a skull tattoo? Young man, does your mother know about this?

From the look on his face, she's got a salad's worth of greens in those teeth!

I really hope this is water... Otherwise, this lovely lady's probably still hungover.

Work it, girl! Now whip your hair back and forth like Willow Smith, who at ten years old was too young to attend this evening.

My inner-soccer-mom is screaming at this guy to be careful with that shot glass in his mouth like that, but my 24-year old real self says, "Nice shot."

Yes, I know- raising the roof requires great strength.

[photos courtesy of kirill was here]