"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Trash At Webster Hall Is A Really Bad Wedding Reception

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 20, 2010

It's wedding season, and Trash at Webster Hall this week reminded us of the wackiest wedding receptions of all. Sometimes, between the first dance and the little meatballs on sticks, everything devolves into partial nudity and overwhelming awkwardness . . .-

The wedding singer is prone to histrionics, and repeatedly plays "Wind Beneath My Wings."

Certain guests take the bouquet toss too seriously.

The bride gets drunk early and begins to act saucy with her veil.

The newlyweds look cute in their reception clothes, but the groom refuses to take off his sunglasses indoors.

Creepy Uncle Paul keeps saying, "My dear, you've certainly grown up," and waggling his eyebrows.

No one knows how to dance, so the dance floor devolves into a college-style naked party.

Only 30% of the guests are having fun.

The wedding photographer keeps encountering the same stupid finger signs. Seriously, guys, give it a rest.

Pretty much everyone in attendance has slept with the bride at one point or another. They all look smug.

The best man's toast includes the words, "I told him from the beginning she was a bitch, but he's always gotta be so stubborn. Mazel Tov!"

The maid of honor refuses to take off her hat, or to wear the dress picked out for her.

One of the groomsman brings along the bachelor party stripper as his plus one.

Then things get weird.

And inappropriate.

The father of the bride is only too happy to join in.

[All photos courtesy of Nicky Digital.]