"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Yoko Ono & Friends To Japan With Love

by Cruz Granados · April 1, 2011

After having a sold-out benefit concert with Sonic Youth at Columbia University's Miller Theater this past Sunday, Yoko Ono held another star-studded concert for the same cause. (Can't have too much of a good thing especially when it's benefiting Japan.) The star and her celebrity friends rocked out a packed Le Poisson Rouge.

Who doesn't love Yoko Ono? I mean, besides tons of Beatles fans. But c'mon, she's Yoko Ono! So when this icon decides to hold a concert to benefit disaster victims you know it's going to be packed. She filled LPR with a $100-a-head crowd.

Kicking off the show was a reunion of Lennon's one-time band mates, Cibo Matto. Patti Smith did her acoustic thing, making the already small club take on a more intimate vibe. She ended her set with "People Have The Power" and dedicated it to Yoko Ono for inspiring her as a teenager.


Next up was Yoko, in her signature sunglasses and all black, who captivated the audience with her amazing yet feral shrieks. She sang "I Love You Earth" adding that, "the earth is angry, and we need to let it know that we love it." Deep Yoko, deep.

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Other performers of the night included Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons and Lou Reed who swiftly left the stage and was no where to be seen for the finale. At the end of the night Cibo Matto, Antony, and Ono's band, along with Yoko performed "Give Peace A Chance" which warmed many hearts and left many eyes watering.

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All images via Village Voice, Vogue Italia, Huffington Post