Making Resolutions During NYE Bone Yard At Glasslands

by Mara Siegler · January 4, 2011

New Year's Eve is all about hope of the year to come, reflecting on the past and setting goals that will better us in the future. It is also, most importantly, about getting drunk and having a good time. We take a guess at the 2011 resolutions made during Bone Yard at Glasslands based on attendees' partying styles.

This is the year she will stop living in the past.  2008 was so great though. She graduated from college. She moved out of her parents apartment. Everything was so full of promise and sparkle. Besides, the new 2011 glasses just aren't as cool. Why is it always so hard to let go? Why???? (Sobs)

He vows to use his glow sticks in creative and unique ways. Dancing with colored lights is art, Ecstasy is art, life is art, he is art. Be art. And wear more deodorant.

He promised himself this would be the year he sang. He practiced his number from Bye Bye Birdie everyday in the shower. He's made it all the way to the mic and all he has to do is have courage. Belt it out! Own it! "Kids, I don't know what's wrong with these kids today."

This is the year she said she would find love. All it would take was giving one of these morons a chance. I mean, maybe when they aren't drinking, she'd like them better. Maybe if she just took a chance and actually listened, they would have something interesting to say. Maybe...but maybe not. Maybe it's just time to update the OKCupid profile.

He is certain this is it! This is the year he is going to get the girl. Finally!  Unfortunately, no one let her in on destiny's grand scheme.

2010 was a year of no pictures. Good thing he got this camera from his parents for Christmas.  No more mornings of waking up and wondering what happened last night. He's gonna take photos of everything, record every minute. Surprisingly, he is having a pretty decent time snapping away.

This is the last whippet. The last one ever! He'll start living up to his goals tomorrow, but tonight it's just one more. Just. One. More.

This guy would make a resolution if someone told him it was New Years Eve. Life is just one long party, man; the days and dates don't matter. You dig? It's all about doin' what this cat is doin' and dance!

[Via NickyDigital]