NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Monday

by Mara Siegler · March 21, 2011

Westway has problems getting a liquor license, Danny Meyer rocks Foursquare,  Chris Brown parties with little people, Courtney Love denies Twitter lunacy, B&T Traps lure the tan and gold chained, and Zoloft is the new cocaine. It's all here and more in today's nightlife roundup!

1. Westway Hits Snag With Liquor License [Eater] [Image Via Paper]

Westway, the so-called hipster stripper club, looked poised to open during Fashion Week when they hosted the Rag & Bone party. Yet things have been silent since February and it doesn't seem likely they'll be opening soon. Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte's are currently struggling to get a liquor license.

The duo appeared before the SLA's yesterday to request the approval of their application, but things didn't go their way. The problem? Traffic concerns, hours of operation and those stripper pole in what they are claiming is not actually a "strip club."

"According to the Village Confidential the Westway team's traffic consultant did not factor in cars idling outside the bar, the nearby FedEx facility, and that Clarkson is the only street cars can turn left onto from the West Side Highway, although it's not clear who exactly would be driving to the bar other then taxis and what kind of traffic mitigation would be needed at 1 AM. And when it came time to discuss the stripper poles, SLA savior Dennis Rosen told Quirarte he "wasn't getting it", and the application was held over. Westway has to appear before the SLA again in April.

2. Courtney Love Twitter Bash Of Balazs Done By An Impostor [Page Six] [Image Via E!]

Courtney Love is known for Twitter lunacy. So it seemed par for the crazy town course when an account, cloverxxxlove,  popped up claiming to be C Love and bashing "mainstream zzzzlister with 0 talent" and "leathery idiot" Chelsea Handler.

Handler is dating Courtney's ex, hotelier Andre Balazs, who was refereed to in a Tweet as "a midget."   Shockingly, it wasn't Courtney. "I was horrified to find whoever it was was insulting my friends . . . I would never be so classless as to discuss their private lives in such a vulgar manner. I deleted my Twitter account months ago," the Hole rocker told Page Six.

3. Zoloft is the new cocaine. [TheFeast]

The Museum of Arts & Design hosted a discussion called "Nightlife: An Oral History" with nightlife luminaries Michael Musto, Susanne Bartsch, Ladyfag, Hattie Hathaway and reformed club kid Desi Monster this past Thursday. Conceived to promote the "performance, music and cultural production" aspect of nightlife, topics included Lady Gaga, drink tickets, Internet dating sites ruining people's drive to go out and get laid, and much more. The new club drug of choice: Zoloft.

After Desi Monster commented on the influence whatever drug of the moment has on fashion, a suspiciously enthusiastic audience member pressed him on what, exactly, was the hot drug du jour. (One man shouted "Money!") Desi demured, saying "I don't really do drugs anymore." Musto piped up, answering "Zoloft," though he said cocaine would never fall out of style in clubland and you will always know who's on it by their repeated boasts of how great their lives are going. The teetotaling Bartsch took the chance to remind the crowd that "you can have a great time at the club with Perrier."

4. Batali, Meyer, McNally Rule New York's Hottest Restaurants on Foursquare [TheFeast]

Danny Meyer is winning the popularity contest. Shake Shack Madison Square Park gained nearly 6,000 additional check-ins on Foursquare. DBGB Kitchen & Bar, Coffee Shop, Eately, La Esquina, Balthazar, Pastis and Minetta Tavern are just a few more places ranking within the top 25.

5. Dine In Brooklyn [FreeWilliamsburg]

Beginning on March 21st and running through the 31st,  Dine In Brooklyn let's you try out the boroughs best eateries for less. The deal: $25 for dinner, $20.11 for lunch, and two-for-one brunch options.

6. A man and woman were shot and wounded when a gunman walked into the Good Times Party Hall in Williamsburg at 2:45 a.m. this weekend. [Gothamist]

Not so good times:

An unidentified man was shot in the forearm and a woman was hit in the groin. They were taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment of their wounds, which were not life threatening.

7. Hook Ups At Patrick McMullan's St. Patrick's Day Party [Page Six]

[Be sure to check out photos from Patrick's bash  HERE]

Oliver Stone's son Sean was spotted with actress and writer Rachel Heller, the daughter of lawyer Mark Jay Heller and sister to celebrity broker Mike Heller

The pair met up -- with Rachel dressed in a short ruffled green dress and matching hat -- at photographer Patrick McMullan's St. Patrick's Day party at Pacha and hit it off, even though dad Oliver was also in the room. Also feeling festive were reality star and Social Life editor Devorah Rose, who was spotted getting chatted up by Bobby Kennedy III, before they headed into the night together. Other revelers included plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Grant and philanthropists Jean Shafiroff and Elaine Sargent.

8. Chris Brown Parties WIth Little People At Greenhouse [Page Six]

Chris "I punched Rihanna" Brown, Bow Woww, retired NBA star Kenny Anderson hit Greenhouse on St. Patrick's Day with a group of 40 to dance with  midgets. And girls be reckless?

9. Passersby React To B&T Trap [Gothamist]

People react to the Bridge and Tunnel Trap outside of Mason and Dixon bar. Hot on the heels of the Hipster Trap, the PBR, neon glasses and American Spirits have been replaced by tanner, PATH tickets, LIRR schedules, a gold chain, cologne and bronzer.

10. Padma Lakshmi Hits The Eldridge [Gatecrasher]

Padma Lakshmi turned up at The Eldridge Friday night when she was spotted with her arms around gay "Twelve" filmmaker Joel Schumacher. Matt Levine recently sold the place to self-titled model and real estate broker Sean Hughes for a reported  $300,000, but that didn;t stop him from holding his Brandsway Creative's One-Year Anniversary Party there.

Be sure to take a look: [Daily Style Phile: Sean Hughes, The New Owner Of The Eldridge Space]

11. Tom Cruises Son Will Hence Forth Be Referred To As C Squared [Gatecrasher] [Image Via Gossip Teen]

Tom Cruise's adopted son Connor Cruise, formerly known as "Where is Suri?," is now going by the name C@ or C Squared. He and his and his partner Zack Isham, the son of composer Mark Isham, deejayed the Whitley Kros design label party at Satine Boutique in West Hollywood on Thursday.

"Our source says Cruise has been spinning for three years but recently has become more serious about it. (He's also acting in "Red Dawn.") "He was playing lots of hip hop and knew all the lyrics," says the source. "He even did a Michael Jackson impersonation." Connor also seemed to be enjoying the company of dark-haired actress Paris Duff. The two danced together, and our source says, "She kept going to the deejay table all night."