Revelations And Realizations With Andrew WK At Santos

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 16, 2010

Music lovers and hungry people joined Andrew WK, Au Revoir Simone, and Bad Brilliance for a Food Party and Dinner With The Band celebration at Santos Party House. Everyone's minds expanded. Some exploded.

Vega, Thu Tran, Sam Mason, Gators!,  and CX KiDTRONiK were also on hand to help the attendees understand deep truths about themselves and their world. It was an eye-opening evening - at times as terrifying as a guitar jab to the eye, at times filled with the soft glow of shared love.

Even Andrew WK made important discoveries: toward the end of the set, he tweeted, "Instead of keeping bananas in a fruit bowl, keep them on a chair! It's a nicer place for them to sit - a banana pedestal."

It suddenly dawned on Marvin that he would soon be eaten.

John realized that he hated Debbie, who had clearly set out to copy his bangs, albeit in an unsatisfactory manner.

Rosalie said to herself, "Self, you are pretty effing cute. Work it, work it."

B.B. suddenly understood why he was always surrounded by fans, but never by lovers.

i a "I love you," announced Debbie. "I tolerate you," thought Danny.

Albert grasped at last that his eyebrows made the perfect frame for his face.

"I have always believed I was a calm person," thought Big Brawler, "But now I see that I am full of rage."

The drummer saw that he was a drummer, that he would never be more than a drummer, and that he was not unworthy of love, even though he was a drummer.

The universe finally gave Lee an opportunity to step in and save the day by gnawing on power cords.

Denim Dave had an epiphany, but the mic was taken away from him before he could announce it.

It became clear that there is nothing better than having a short friend.

Xavier had not yet realized that ignoring the photographer would not make him go away.

Leroy had a stroke of insight: if he arranged for Lester's untimely disappearance, he could easily take his twin's place in their parents' affections. And he could sleep with Lester's girlfriend.

Tiffany's abdomen hurt because of her high-waisted white jeans, but a flood of aestival joy washed over her.

"I can solve all mysteries," thought Arthur. "I am the Sherlock of my generation."

Wendy vowed to wear only spine-bearing shirts from now on.

Q-Tip was licked by the muse of music, and nothing would ever be the same.