The Best 2K I Ever Spent: Happy Birthday, Hammer

by Chiara Atik · October 30, 2009

Sparklers, confetti, bottles and bottles of champagne, The Gates packed from wall to wall; no, it's not New Year's yet. It's just Hammer's birthday. Who is Hammer? Very valid question...

More story and photos below...


On October 24th, someone with a couple thousand dollars to burn decided to throw Hammer a birthday party at The Gates. Let us deconstruct the evening forĀ  you...

Meet Hammer. Despite the number of candles on the cake, we're guessing he's a little older than four. (Don't let his behavior in the picture at right fool you.) Also, someone thought it would be VERY clever to have an image of an actual Hammer on Hammer The Person's birthday cake. And, just to REALLY hammer in the point (sorry.), a picture of Hammer The Person, next to the hammer, on Hammer's birthday cake. Wow, Hammer: someone really loves you.

Once you're feeding each other birthday cake, you're on a slippery slope... drunkenly making out.

Sometimes, you just wanna get on top of a table and stomp on everyone's drinks, you know?


Live it up, Hammer. It doesn't get much better than this. Sponsored by Ben Lerer & Co. Obviously.

[All photos via Kirillwashere].