Books Make Good Bedfellows: "Six-Word Memoirs"

by Rachelle Hruska · March 17, 2009

    I met Larry Smith, the founder of SMITH Magazine at SXSW and was more than entertained by his company, SMITH which started the best-selling book series, "Six-Word Memoirs," which has spawned t-shirts, comics, and tweets based around personal narratives of SIX WORDS!  The SMITH Magazine (an online publication) is the home for this kind of storytelling, and all other forms, focused on a personal narrative. Their name, Smith, is the most popular surname in America. "It represents us all, each of us living our extraordinary lives-day by day, story by story." Smith's six-word short-form storytelling is especially convenient for us Twitter fans-- John Mayer's just one of the thousands of well-known names that has a six-word memoir.  What's yours?