J.K. Rowling Threatens To Never Write Again!

by LAUREN BELSKI · April 15, 2008

    jk rowlingNow, we discuss various forms of diva often here at GofG.  We’ve got socialites, designers, young media starlets—la, la, la, but, myself being of the humbled variety of (anti)diva I define as writer (or at least my breed), was quite surprised to discover that gazillionaire J.K. is throwing a hissy fit over The Harry Potter Lexicon, saying that if Michigan Publisher RDR goes through with its plans to print the dictionary, that her own creativity may be put on a very dangerous hiatus.

    Ok, now.  I understand that writing the most widely read books of all time could, in fact, inflate one’s ego to a degree.  But this is silly.  Aren’t moneybags used to having holes punched in them?  I mean look at US Weekly.  Isn’t that the same thing minus the whole “dictionary”?  But I digress.  Hopefully, this whole thing gets sorted out before 2030.  I’ll be totally ready for a HP reunion by then.  But only if Dumbledore comes back from the dead.