The Drunk Diet: Get Wasted And Lose Weight With Luc Carl

by Georgia Bobley · March 14, 2012

    As a staple on Rivington Street, fitness buff, health guru, or author were never among the images conjured up at the mention of Luc Carl's name...until now. As the author of a new diet and fitness book, The Drunk Diet, How I Lost 40 Pounds...Wasted, Carl is setting a new trend (and offering much relief) for people who want to lose weight without giving up alcohol.

    Depending on who you ask, Luc Carl is either the former king of Lower East Side nightlife, or Lady GaGa's ex-boyfriend. Carl, who worked for five years as the manager and bartender of the LES bar St. Jerome's (also where he met then 19-year-old Lady GaGa), and later as a bartender at Welcome To The Johnson's, managed to shed some pounds without sacrificing partying.

    According to the New York Times, Carl's book

    "...chronicles his makeover from an out-of-shape, chain-smoking party animal into, as he immodestly puts it, “the sexiest man in the world.” While there are profanity-laced weight-loss tips and a bookstore-friendly subtitle (“How I Lost 40 Pounds ...Wasted”), the book is not, as the obligatory medical disclaimer states, an actual diet plan."

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    More than a diet plan, Carl's book is a memoir of his own weight-loss regimen, which he began after noticing how "flabby" he had become from a lot of drinking and late-night binge eating (and, the Times suggests, from his tumultuous breakup with Lady GaGa.)

    The first step he took towards health was to quit smoking.

    “I was a real smoker, man — die-hard,” he told the Times. “I’d wake up at 5 in the morning to go to the bathroom and suck down three or four of them.”

    After successfully giving up his beloved cigarettes, Carl began jogging. He only ran 1.25 miles on his first jog ever, but he now runs between 50 and 75 miles a week. He competed in four marathons last year, and ran a half-marathon in Central Park during a snowstorm last January.

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    He eats better now: egg whites mixed with oatmeal for breakfast, and a big salad for dinner, he told The Huffington Post. But one thing he refuses to give up is beer. What's The Drunk Diet without beer, though?

    Carl says that it's just those two things, running, and eating better, that helped him drop 40 pounds (and 15 more since he wrote the book). Sounds simple enough.

    A book with a subtitle like this ("How I lost 40 Pounds...Wasted") is bound to be a best-seller (who doesn't want to be drunk AND skinny??), and may soon become a bible for non-gym-going, alcohol-lovers around the world. If this party boy can do it, we can too.  Get your copy HERE!