Anna Marie Tendler Has Become The Lifestyle TikToker We Need Right Now

by Stephanie Maida · October 27, 2021

    The vibes have been off lately. Have you felt it, too? 

    I'm not just talking about the general aftershock of 2020, but a simmering unease, a sense that things are a little upside down, a collective feeling of snapping and accepting chaos. Or, I don't know, maybe it's just Scorpio season?

    Whatever the case is, a new contender for "lifestyle blogger of our times" has emerged in none other than Anna Marie Tendler. 

    The artist, who has navigated her fair share of chaos this year (announcing her divorce from John Mulaney, the subsequent Olivia Munn scandal that hit the headlines), has recently joined TikTok where she's instantly become a fan favorite. 

    In a series of videos posted to the platform, Tendler has established a distinct brand of humorous, self-aware, and delightfully lackadaisical life hacks, all delivered (with an albeit tongue-in-cheek) straight face.

    From putting on a duvet cover to spreading butter on toast, Tendler's TikTok how-tos make us feel good about doing the bare minimum at a time when even the bare minimum is sometimes hard to achieve. And, as an extension of the photography work found on her Instagram, there's also a bit of quirky, slightly unhinged glamour about her content. On Instagram, Tendler is digging into takeout with her heels kicked off in bed, and on TikTok she's showing us how to throw the perfect tea party by displaying and lighting every single candle we own next to fancy cheese and cider doughnuts. 

    Clearly, Tendler is embracing the emotional weirdness of the world and is still managing to live her best life. And she's definitely inspiring us to do the same, whether or not it involves any real effort or energy.

    [Photo via @annamtendler]