Anna Wintour Gets Down With Diddy

by Chiara Atik · May 7, 2010

    She may be cool and collected sitting front row at fashion shows or on the red carpet, but work is over, Ms. Wintour apparently knows how to party. After she officially finished her hosting duties at Monday night's Met Gala, she and Diddy danced the night away at The Mark Hotel.-

    [All images via Village Voice]

    We would also like to point out that not only has Anna got moves; she's got GUNS, man. Look at those arms. I think Diddy's kind of intimidated.

    Bee Shaffer also got into the action, but once again we'd like to direct your attention to Ms.Wintour, who, you'll notice, is clapping and possibly singing along? To what we imagine must be pretty popular contemporary music. We'd always imagined her music appreciation was limited to listening to some Handel before bedtime, if that.

    Oprah got in on the action too, dancing and singing along with both Diddy and Pharell. The girl in the background with her arms raised up knows this is the best moment of her life.

    Usher's not so sure about this partying with older women thing. It feels wrong.

    Katy Perry was cool with it though. Probably cause her dress served as a makeshift disco ball.

    I see Anna!

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    [Photos from Village Voice, via Racked]