Anna Wintour Hates These Celebrities

by BILLY GRAY · June 10, 2010

    Anna Wintour followed Chloe Sevigny's lead and jumped on the celeb community board bandwagon last night.  She joined West Village proles (if proles exist in the West Village) to rail against a proposed Serge Becker restaurant in the 'hood.  Wintour cautioned against "the kind of people [Becker] brings.” What kind of people might that be?

    A glance at the list of notables seen at Becker's current star magnet La Esquina reveals the big names Wintour would rather keep out of her backyard. Don't bet on these folks gracing the cover of Vogue anytime soon:

    Beyonce, Kate Hudson and George Clooney are all fans of the glitzy taqueria. What did they do to offend Wintour? Easy: too curvy, too untalented, too manly. (Note that Clooney did appear on the cover of now-defunct Men's Vogue.)

    John Mayer ate there! Too racist. And Wintour prefers to rock out to Buzzcocks.

    Padma Lakshmi has judged La Esquina's food. Wintour finds that exposed scar revolting. Airbrush that shit, Padma.

    Chanel Iman frequents the Kenmare Street destination. Wintour's only got room in her heart--she has one, dontcha know--for one Chanel and one Iman.

    Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa pounded tequila at the bar one time. Wintour thinks Philbin' s shtick is tired. Ripa's stick-figure body is too hunger strike-y even for Wintour's famed thin-is-in mentality.

    The biggest reason for Wintour's contempt for Becker and his businesses? That wench Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, editor of poor woman's Vogue and Conde Naste sister publication Glamour, partied at La Esquina once.

    It's not like Wintour would've run into these folks at Becker's joint anyway. Rumor has it she scarfs down all her meals at the Five Guys nearby.

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