Before They Were On Gossip Girl

by Chiara Atik · May 10, 2010

    Hunting down photos of the starts of Gossip Girl, before they were the stars of Gossip Girl, was a really nice way to spend a Monday afternoon. Unsurprisingly, they were for the most part just as adorable and winning as they are today.-



    We also found this fun picture of Ed Westwick. Team sports! What an un-Chuck-Bassian thing to do!

    [Ed is front row, third from the right]

    And look at super adorable Jessica Szohr! Even if she does look like AC Slater's love child!

    InStyle Magazine also got their hands on some pretty great yearbook pictures...

    Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley  both seem to be wearing necklaces, which, is odd. Also, like, every boy in my middle school had Penn's haircut in 1997. Leighton Meester looks pretty and fresh-faced and pretty excited about having her picture yearbook picture taken. And then there's Blake.

    Blake Lively looks exACTly the same which is frustrating because the whole POINT of Gossip Girl is that you can console yourself afterwards that NOBODY really looks like that in High School.

    According to Ed's facebook, he was 17 when he took this picture.

    So basically, the craft services on the Gossip Girl set is now serving up water straight from the Fountain of Youth.

    [Photos via Facebook and InStyle]