Ben Stiller Returns To Comedic "Zoolander" Form

by BILLY GRAY · March 31, 2010

    Ben Stiller is a man of many hats. Just when his well-received dramatic turn in Greenberg had comedy fans fearing his departure from the genre, he's flashed the Blue Steel again in a photographic Zoolander sequel. Oh, and Terry Richardson directed. -

    The shoot went down in Richardson's therapist's office, which is in sync with Stiller's Greenberg role as the titular walking neurosis. But the inevitable Zoolander references had the starring role this time. How brave of the really, really ridiculously good-looking male model to go in front of the camera years past his fashion world sell-by date.

    Bringing back the Magnum pose...

    ...And Zoolander's patented Blue Steel, with subtle artistic differences only recognizable to the most seasoned and discerning International Male subscriber.

    A true Renaissance Man, Stiller also did his best wide-eyed plaid-clad hipster photographer with the perma thumbs up:

    Terry's response when a subject nails that "You're a tiger!" direction. Or flashes boob.

    The look on his face when snapping someone in pleated khakis.

    No models were sexually harassed in the making of these photographs.

    (Photos via Terry's Diary)