Beyoncé & Jay Z Play It Super Cool Next To Reddit Founder At The US Open

by Stephanie Maida · September 2, 2016

    Following their epic night out post-VMAs earlier this week, power couple Jay and Bey were seen at the U.S. Open last night, rooting on Serena Williams. While it appears that they are merely mingling with the plebeians for fun here, don't for one second think they are in the cheap seats. Look, that's Reddit founder (and Serena's boyfriend, yas!) Alexis Ohanian just chilling right there next to them! While these two definitely appear to be acting extremely casual about the whole situation, you just KNOW that they are lowkey freaking out. I mean, the FOUNDER OF REDDIT for God's sake. We wonder if Bey asked for an autograph...

    [Photo by Michael Tommasiello]