Can Charlie Sheen Still Get A Hotel Room In Manhattan? Apparently So...

by Ross Kenneth Urken · March 2, 2011

    Nate Freeman has an excellent story over at The Observer for which he called around to New York's ritziest hotels under the guise of Charlie Sheen's assistant to try and book his "employer" a room. The results are frightening.

    The gullible receptionists at the Pierre, the St. Regis, the Waldorf-Astoria, and the Plaza are paragons of hospitality.

    The Pierre:

    The hotel was totally accommodating:

    "Is there anything we can do to make Mr. Sheen's stay more pleasant?" the Pierre's receptionist asks.

    Offers met:

    to replace Coke in the fridge with Pepsi

    to provide a portable mirror

    to furnish the room with two bottles of Johnnie Walker black

    Offers not met:

    to stop 911 calls: When Freeman asks whether the hotel could block out-going 911 calls on the room phone, the receptionist innocuously offers, "Well, only if you unplug it."

    to provide handcuffs: Freeman even has the gall to ask if the hotel would provide handcuffs:

    "No, we don't have anything like that," comes the response from the same clerk."

    St. Regis:


    Over whether Freeman is working as the assistant to Martin or Charlie Sheen.

    Over whether Sheen has stayed there before


    Offers met:

    To have the most expensive luxury suite--$709 a night, plus tax

    To have an extra rollaway bed (at additional cost), "as only three of Charlie's Goddesses could comfortably fit with him in the king-sized bed

    To provide blackout shades

    To have adult video selections available

    The Plaza

    Offers met:

    To have the Eloise Suite

    [The Plaza, via]

    Best prank call ever...and indicative of the extremely frightening accommodation level at this city's hotels.

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