Cool Mom Leigh Lezark Has The Best Motherhood Advice

by Stephanie Maida · April 26, 2017

    When word got out that NYC's favorite DJ-in-residence Leigh Lezark was expecting back in September, style-watchers were not only excited for the surely adorable baby-to-be, but also for The Misshapes member's chic take on maternity wear. As any fashion week street style photog will tell you, she did not disappoint. 

    But now that baby Lukas is here (he's 4 months old already!) Lezark is learning all about the wonders of motherhood. When we ran into her at Chanel's Tribeca Artists Dinner at Balthazar this week, she shared some seriously cool-mom advice, not that we would have expected anything less. 

    "You really cannot listen to anybody else but yourself. So many people gave me advice and it all wasn't right for me. And then I find myself telling girlfriends things, but I know I'm going to be wrong for them," she said. So is the best advice, no advice? "Don't listen to anything but what you feel is right for yourself!" 

    And what is she looking forward to experiencing with her son in the future? "I'm just excited to show him the really cool things that I wish I knew when I was growing up. I mean, they're probably not going to be cool to him, but I don't care. They're cool to me!"

    Hey, whatever Leigh Lezark finds cool will probably be cool forever. We're sure Lukas will be fine.

    [Photo by Billy Farrell/, via @themisshapes]