David Paterson's Bad News Is Good News For Eliot Spitzer

by BILLY GRAY · March 2, 2010

    As David Paterson follows Eliot Spitzer into the cesspool of disgraced New York governors, Spitzer continues merrily along his improbable comeback trail by joining the esteemed ranks of The Situation and posing with Terry Richardson in the photog's buzzing studio. -

    Richardson has been a big name for years now, training his camera on models (Kate Moss, current muse Lily Donaldson), entertainers (the suddenly MIA Amy Winehouse, Will Ferrell) and assorted downtown degenerates (the Olsen creatures, in addition to some real ones).

    But thanks to the glories of Tumblr, the world now gets to see just what a locus of eccentric, eclectic celebrity activity Terry's studio is day in day out with Terry's Diary. It's almost, dare I say it, Factory-esque, although Richardson's pad is heavier on the mainstream bold-faced names than on the outer-borough transexuals and hustlers commingling with society heavyweights. Also, given shots of Richardson posing alongside Obama, his studio is slightly less cluttered with discarded amphetamine needles.

    Back to Spitzer though. Assuming the pic was taken after Paterson's scandal went public, the shot is a distillation of gubernatorial schadenfreude. It's also the latest example of Spitzer's return to public life (and backs up the reports that he is eying a return to public office) although he never really left for long. I wonder why Silda didn't pose!

    Spitzer visited Richardson just a few weeks after he chatted with Stephen Colbert. I'm not sure a Richardson portrait is the best way to nurture a political revival (in addition to snapping the stars, Richardson is fond of documenting his penis). But hey, it didn't hurt this guy:

    Tangent: Richardson in simpler times (1973) with father Bob and Angelica Huston:

    (Photos Courtesy of Terry's Diary)