Diane Kruger Got Her First Tattoo Because She Lost A Bet

by Stephanie Maida · December 5, 2017

    If you've ever truly lived, chances are you have some regrettable ink hidden under a sleeve (or worse, a bikini bottom), that you can probably blame on the alcohol or at least being a dumb teen or twenty-something.

    Diane Kruger, however, reached this milestone when she was 40.

    You're only as young as you feel, folks!

    At last night's NYC premiere of her German-language film, In The Fade, sponsored by Ruffino wines, Kruger revealed during a Q+A sesh that the film is to blame for her first-ever tattoo. Apparently, she made a bet with director Fatih Akin that the flick would never make it to the Cannes Film Festival - if it did, she'd get a traditional anchor tat in honor of Akin's hometown of Hamburg.

    Not only did In The Fade make it to the prestigious fest, it was nominated for the Palme d'Or and even won Kruger a Best Actress award.

    "I was hoping that [Akin] would've forgotten about that because I don't have tattoos, but when he called me to say that we got into Cannes, the first thing he said was 'You're coming to Hamburg and getting an anchor tattoo,'" said Kruger. While it was originally supposed to be on her bicep (imagine!), the actress got away with a small piece on the inside of her ankle.

    At least she'll always have a funny story to tell.

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