DIY Queen Martha Stewart Loves An At-Home Enema

by Stephanie Maida · February 15, 2019

    It seems Martha Stewart's impeccable Do-It-Yourself skills even extend to some of the, um, messier aspects of her life.

    In a February 9th blog post, everyone's favorite hostess with the mostest shared some shots of her basement dressing room overhaul.

    "Over the years, this area has gotten quite disorganized - things are mixed up, storage bins are confused and mislabeled, and more clothing and cosmetics have been added without thought as to where they should be placed, etc.," she wrote. "Nothing is really 'messy' or 'dirty', but just like any closet, a space like this has to be reorganized periodically." 

    Besides some construction projects performed by her "property manager" (because of course she has a property manager), Stewart assigned her Executive Assistant, Shqipe Berisha, the task of organizing her closet, as well as her health, beauty, and wellness essentials. 

    When the clear plastic bins had been meticulously labeled and arranged, Stewart shared a photo of the job well done.

    At first glance, it's all glamorous lotions and potions, right? We mean, check out that huge tub of La Mer! But upon closer inspection, off to the right of the photo, there's a surprising label: "Specimen collections/Enema kits."

    While some may find that a bit TMI for their tastes, we, personally, applaud Stewart for sticking to her at-home guns. Sure, she can definitely afford to go to a clinic and have her digestive tract suctioned by a professional, but why not do the deed in the comfort and privacy of one's personal space? Besides, how else can she indulge in all those delicious goodies while maintaining that impressive figure? Do your thing, Martha.

    [Photos via @marthastewart48, The Martha Blog]