Does 50 Cent's Investment Advice Make Sense? The Power Of Twitter

by Sun Kersor · January 11, 2011

    In perhaps an homage to his hip-hop moniker, 50 Cent has been wielding some influence on penny stocks through his Tweets. But should you move the needle when he does?

    Shares of the penny-ante marketing company H&H soared 240 percent after Fitty gave the company a plum endorsement via Twitter.

    After that boon, though, H&H opened at the much deflated 32 cents, dropping 18%.

    Of course, Fitty has nothing to worry about, according to the New York Post; he's thought to have netted dividends as high as $8.7 million.

    He operates on a go-hard-or-go-home philosophy, tweeting, "I only want entrepreneurs on my time line. We gonna talk money trade ideas and make it big."

    Notice the silencers on the pistols on his Twitter page; is this a metaphor for his stealthy, sharp-shooting investment strategy?

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