Emma Watson Ditches Dorm Life, Harry Potter For Rangers Game And Rumored New Crush

by BILLY GRAY · November 24, 2009

    Derek Blaseberg, Emma Watson, Rafael CebriánHarry Potter star Emma Watson took a break from from the rigors of Brown's "open curriculum" to attend a Rangers game last Saturday. And although hockey lacks the high-flying excitement of the quiddich matches Miss Hermione Granger is used to, the fancy company in her box (Derek Blasberg, Stefano Pilati and Rafael Cebrian) made up for it.

    Sources say Watson was getting "cozy" with Cebrian, a Brown classmate, throughout the game. No word on whether the possible couple advanced to tonsil hockey in front of the Madison Square Garden crowd. Unfortunately, Watson's skills in yet another form of hockey (the field variety) did not bring luck to the home team, who lost to Florida Panthers 3-2.

    More importantly, does this mean that Watson's longterm boyfriend, financier Jay Barrymore, is nomore?

    Derek Blaseberg, Emma Watson, Raphel Cebrian

    Derek Blaseberg, Emma Watson, Raphael CebrianDerek Blaseberg, Emma Watson, Raphael Cebrian