Georgina Chapman Can Walk Away With HOW MUCH After Divorcing Harvey Weinstein?!

by Stephanie Maida · December 19, 2017

    Georgina Chapman, Marchesa designer and now fully estranged wife of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, may be seeing somewhat of a silver lining following the well-deserved demise of her husband's reputation. Eff that guy, but poor Georgina, right?

    Well, in the sacred tradition of wives cleaning out not only the trash, but also their bank accounts, reports are now circulating that Georgina's divorce could land her with almost $12 million, and it's all thanks to their prenuptial agreement.

    According to TMZ, the prenup, which was signed in December 2007, stipulates that in the case of divorce, Georgina receives $400,000 annually per the 10 years of their marriage, along with a housing allowance ($25,000 per month they were married) and a split of their assets - $250,000 annually for the first five years they were wed, and $700,000 per every year after that. The grand total? $11.75 mil.

    Should be enough to support her red carpet fashion brand and her two children with Weinstein.

    Now we're just wondering how much Matt Lauer's wife will walk away with...

    [Photo via Getty]