Gigi Hadid Might Be A Juror In The Harvey Weinstein Trial

by Stephanie Maida · January 14, 2020

    Celebrities - they, too, can't avoid jury duty. And what a case to be called on.

    This week, Gigi Hadid was seen leaving the Manhattan court where jury selection has been raging on for the high-profile Harvey Weinstein trial. The supermodel is part of the latest pool of jurors being screened to serve during the trial, which is estimated to last six long weeks. 

    According to reports, Hadid, who is friends with Weinstein accuser Cara Delevingne, and who also told the court she had met the producer and potential witness Salma Hayek in the past, maintained that she could indeed remain "impartial" as a juror. Good on her for being ready to perform her civic duty! 

    When questioned by reporters outside of the courtroom, Hadid, who, in fact, studied criminal psychology at The New School, told cameras, "I'm not allowed to talk about jury duty. I'm sorry." Obviously, she and fellow jurors in the running also can't discuss the trial via social media, as they were warned by the judge that anyone who does so "may be held in contempt of court and face serious consequences up to and including 30 days in jail and a significant fine." So yeah, if Hadid does get on the jury, it seems we won't be hearing from her for a while. But at least she can help lock him up."... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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