Hold Up... Is Gigi Hadid Pregnant?

by Stephanie Maida · April 28, 2020

    OK, before you freak out, no, there hasn't been an official baby bump announcement on her Instagram (yet), but TMZ just broke the pretty convincing news and let's be real, TMZ knows celebrities are pregnant before the pee hits the stick.

    The alleged baby daddy is of course Zayn Malik, although those two have been on and off so many times we didn't even realize they were back together. 

    According to TMZ, sources close to the family say that she's 20 weeks along, which means that the unborn child who is set to have much better bone structure than all of us is about the size of a banana. That would explain why the 25-year-old supermodel still had a tiny tummy in her celebratory birthday posts from this week. 

    If it's true, the sources assure that "both of their families are very excited."

    Um, so are we! Fingers crossed for a Demi Moore inspired photo shoot on the cover of Vogue.

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