How Kelly Ripa Stays So Enviably Fit

by Christie Grimm · January 8, 2019

    In a recent New York Magazine profile, Kelly Ripa gave readers an inside scoop as to how she gets it all done. Of course, being a mother of three and starring on a morning talk show is no easy job. Waking at 5:30 to begin brainstorming for that day's show wasn't exactly a shocking revelation. But her insane coffee intake? Pretty surprising. Though now, considering her routine of an at-home “Bullet Coffee” (coffee, two shots of espresso, a tablespoon of ghee and a packet of collagen powder), a pre-show Starbucks latte, and post-show half a coffee, her signature plucky attitude and endless energy makes a shit ton more sense. Like, I could maybe be that nice and fun if I were hopped up on as much caffeine.

    But, perhaps more famous than her lively persona is her fit physique. And we've finally a clear answer as to how Ms. Ripa stays so enviably svelte. Between four and five afternoons a week, Kelly hits up AKT, a cardio-based dance class on the Upper East Side. And on the weekends, she gets it done with early morning SoulCycle classes. Clearly, something to try, no?

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