If You're Looking For Cocaine Buddies on Craigslist, Russell Brand, The Code Word Is "Skiing," Not "Soccer."

by Rachelle Hruska · July 31, 2009

    [Russell Brand was caught snorting cocaine while at a kid's soccer game in NYC for his film "Get Him To The Greek. Quote via Cedotal.]

    Okay so this was actually a scene being filmed for Russell Brand's latest "Get Him To The Greek," but the images of the actor getting high on cocaine amidst dozens of kids high on only one thing- life- doesn't seem too far off from reality.  "This is what you will look like if you do drugs, kids."  Forget the DARE programs, our country should just consider getting this guy to go on tour and give the children a taste of what will happen to their soccer game should they even contemplate using uppers.

    More photos of the snorting action below...



    Russell Brand-Russell Brand

    Russell BrandRussell Brand