Is Nicky Hilton The Next Real Housewife Of New York?

by Christie Grimm · March 3, 2017

    Last evening, in what seems a bit of an odd pairing, Nicky Hilton was spotted grabbing a bite to eat and catching up with infamous fast talking entrepreneur turned-reality star turned talk show host turned reality star, Bethenny Frankel. 

    Could this mean Nicky's in the works to follow in the television footsteps of her family? Need we forget that two of her aunts are keeping the Bravo drama alive over in Orange County, and that television will never be as entertaining as when her sister sashayed her Juicy Couture self around a farm with Nicole Richie.

    Will Nicky really be throwing white wine and maintaining that she isn't talking shit about the rest of the girls, when we just saw her talk shit about them? Who's to say. 

    What we do know, however, is Bethenny arrived at the Polo Bar for their little girls night out in a getup that pulled out all the stops to say the least - busting out of a black sequin sleeveless dress, with an Empire worthy coat flashing some fur into the cold of the night. Which is to say, she was dressed in a prime filming ensemble.

    Nicky too shared in the sense of occasion, opting for a bit less of an in your face glam look, towering in black heels, with a classic camel coat draped over her shoulders.

    [Photo via @nickyhilton, Daily Mail]