Is Shia LaBeouf The New James Franco? (Yes & Here's Why)

by Christie Grimm · November 11, 2015

    Shia LaBeouf

    Where good old Jimmy got meta to teach the college course, "Editing James Franco.. With James Franco," it seems our beloved little wildcard Shia LaBoeuf is now taking a similar page out of his book with an equally meta, albeit slightly less academic, display of artistic self-study.

    Settling in at The Angelika for a straight three day binge of his films, Shia is on course for a movie marathon to rival even a Howard Hughes level of cinematic indulgence. In #AllMyMovies, a what can only be assumed to be described as performance art piece, Shia sits down to silently contemplate a life on camera - in between the requisite popcorn snacks, bathroom breaks, and cat naps of course. Screening all of his films in reverse chronological order, 24 hours straight, for three days - from Man Down to Breakfast with Einstein - the performance's admission may be free, but trust us, you'll be paying in precious time as the line is long. We're talking Rain Room at MOMA/Dominique Ansel cronut long. But hey, for all you crazy big Holes fans out there, you only live once!

    For those who clearly need to sort out their life priorities and can't make it downtown to bask in the brilliance of the Shia show, you're in luck - there's a live stream of this meta madness online. The perfect office procrastination.

    Will he laugh? Will he cry? Will his beard be noticeably more biblical by the end of this all? Is he just the coziest person on the planet, or, like, does the Angelika not have heat? A shirt, a sweatshirt, AND a fur trimmed parka? So many questions! Only time will tell.