It's Thursday, October 29th, Do You Know Where Your Celebrities Are?

by EMILY HOLLANDER · October 29, 2009

    Michelle Williams, Matilda Ledger Where are Amy Winehouse, Michelle Williams, Katy Perry, and Paris Hilton up to this week? We've got the answers...

    More story and photos below...  As the month of October winds down, Amy Winehouse heads over to The London Clinic after lunch at a cafe.  Speaking of cafes, Michelle Williams and pint-size daughter Matilda Ledger were seen strolling through their Brooklyn neighborhood after brunch.  Across the pond, Katy Perry dons a wacky outfit that would only fly in Europe to host their MTV Awards.  Taylor Swift and Twilight's Taylor Lautner, shopped before dining, and Paris Hilton dined before autographing.

    Michelle Williams, Matilda Ledger Blackberry is to Michelle as Cinderella is to Matilda. Just another adorable mother-daughter stroll post brunch.

    Michelle Williams, Matilda Ledger

    Amy Winehouse It's not Halloween yet, so we're not sure what's up with the skeleton of Amy Winehouse.

    Katy PerryKaty Perry Nope, still not Halloween, Katy' Perry's just dressed to host the MTV  Europe Awards.

    Taylor Swift, Taylor LautnerTaylor Swift, Taylor Lautner Taylor and Taylor (Swift and Lautner) shop first then eat. What a good alleged boyfriend!

    Paris HiltonParis Hilton Paris follows dinner at Mr. Chows with a round of autographs. Didn't know that people still wanted them. [Photos via Zimbio].