It's Wednesday, August 12th, Do You Know Where Your Celebrities Are?

by ANTHONY NATOLI · August 12, 2009

    [Britney Spears shopping in Beverly Hills.  Photos via Getty Images]. While Britney was out spending money on witch hats, celebrities elsewhere were trying to make the most of the last few weeks of Summer.  Ashanti was unveiling her new Billboard in Times Sqaure, Heather Graham was at the Barcelona premiere of "The Hangover", Kelly Rutherford was on the set of "Gossip Girl" in NYC and Zac Effron and friends were attending the Teen Choice Awards.

    Britney Spears, catching her reflection in a shop window.

    Ashanti showcasing her modesty in Times Square

    The cast of "The Hangover" in Barcelona, Spain.

    Kelly Rutherford savoring her refreshing citrus beverage on the set of "Gossip Girl"

    The Jonas Brothers

    Zac Efron                                            Fergie

    Vanessa Hudgens trying out the clothed look