Ivanka Trump Took An SUV To Go Just One City Block...

by Christie Grimm · September 20, 2017

    It seems Ivanka Trump is now officially not only complicit, but the laziest rich person ever. Like, lazier than her golf cart bound father (the rich person equivalent of a less than physically kempt person driving a handicap cart around Walmart).

    It seems that this afternoon, a lovely September day in New York City if ever there was one, Ivanka left her Park Avenue apartment building, waved her little friendly wave at photographers, stepped into her super inconspicuous SUV as the door was held open by a Secret Service agent - because manners - to make the long journey over to the Regency Hotel. Which is one block away. 

    A two minute walk for any normal plebeian, the trip took Princess Royal a reported 20 minutes instead.  Gotta love that New York traffic.

    Sure, time may cost money. But when you're a Trump, and you get to expense it on the national corporate card, you've all the time in the world.

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