James Franco Does Drag Photo Shoot For Candy Magazine, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE'S GAY

by Chiara Atik · October 6, 2010

    James Franco

    Another day, another homoerotic tidbit of James Franco. This time, a photo shoot for Candy Magazine, shot by Terry Richardson.-

    James Franco looks good in drag, because James Franco is an incredibly attractive human being. He's also multi-talented, but his greatest gift seems to be to play with the public's perception of his sexuality: is he or isn't he? In the history of pop-culture, I don't think anyone's kept us guessing quite so much.

    He's had a serious girlfriend for many years, but that's not enough to keep speculation at bay. He's played a gay character in a movie multiple times (Milk and Howl, for instance), he french kissed Will Forte, he's taken gender studies classes at NYU, and appeared on the cover of Advocate Magazine. Not that this is foolproof by any means, but for a long time Gawker claimed he was not only homosexual, but a rapist as well.

    Soooo....he's gay, right?

    Franco set the record straight in September:

    "I'm not gay."

    Oh, well, ok then, in that case he sh--

    "But on another level, there’s something in me that is able to play roles like that in a way that’s convincing.”

    Damnit, Franco! We thought we had you.

    Of course, it's pretty awesome, especially in light of recent sobering (downright depressing) events, that actors, gay or straight, don't need to be defined only by their sexuality, that they can keep us guessing without fearing repercussions in terms of box office or popularity, that the public is willing to recognize that sexuality isn't this black and white.

    So we're willing to play this cat and mouse game a little longer. What will he do next? Impregnate his girlfriend, and then star in a movie version of La Cage Aux Folles? We can only hope.

    [Photos via Terry's Diary]