James Franco: Fan Of Emoticons Or Victim Of Twitter Fraud?

by BILLY GRAY · April 9, 2010

    Soap star and distinguished master of fine and performance arts James Franco may or may not have a Twitter account. But @jimmyfranco, legit or not,  will amuse Franco fans as they imagine the stoner icon typing smiley faces and seeking advice on how to satisfy a killer sweet tooth.



    @jimmyfanco aspires to an @aplusk-sized following:

    "Ashton Kutcher who? Get me to 1,000,000 followers! Follow me now now now!"

    But his tweets are protected! As a result he has a meager-by-celebrity-standards 14,291 followers. He despairs over cheap imitations:

    "Jamesfrnco is not me...I would never even talk like he does, don't follow him"

    The real James Franco, as I think I'm convinced at this point, talks with emoticons--mostly the generic :), with the occasional sly wink and mysteriously and kinda perversely-looking! (;. And about food ("Chocolate covered strawberry's. ;) "Snickers or Milky Way? I can't decide"). And what might be insomnia ("going to attempt to sleep!" and "INSOMNIA!"). He supports his and his friends' projects ( "Here's a little teaser for my upcoming movie, "Your Highness." "DATE NIGHT in theaters April 9! Who's going to see it!?).

    He makes grammatical errors that would furrow the brows of his Columbia profs:

    "Snow would be so much better then this rain.."

    And like all stars, he just wants to be loved:

    "What's everyone's favorite movie of mine? Ready, set, GO!"

    What Jimmy needs to do is open up his account. Get it certified. Post more Twitpics like the one at right. Celebrity tweets are often so depressing! Jimmy's are as endearing as his performances. So follow him. Help him overtake Ashton Kutcher. Just don't expect him at SXSW (the nerd branch) anytime soon. The guy's posted 171 tweets in 13 months!