James Franco Snubs Yale For NYU With New Multi-Media Piece

by Mara Siegler · May 5, 2011

    James Franco continues to get all artsy with his new multi-media presentation "Collage," a play about James Franco producing a play.  Those who didn't just gag a bit with Franco-fatigue (are probably stoned, because whooooaaaw man, a play with in a play, whooaw), will have their chance to see it.  Originally set to be performed at Yale, he's bringing it to NYU. Why the Ivy League snub?

    Franco is is pursuing a Ph.D. in English at Yale and had originally planned to put on the play there. Insisting he doesn't expect special treatment, he told Gatecrasher that he decided to pull out because they would only let him have the space for one weekend.

    "Yale puts on a lot of undergraduate play productions, and they have a lot of rules," he explains. "Students only get the theater for one weekend."

    Instead of just accepting college rules, Franco, like a regular ol' student, up and gave it to NYU where he is studying film-making at the Tisch School of the Arts. Suck it Yale!

    He's described the work as "a strike between the sexes" that will combine "dance poetry" and "scenes from classic plays." Chloe Kernaghan will choreograph, students from Stella Adler studios will act, Frank Bidart will provide poetry and Franco will narrate.  With all of that, it should prove to be better than the Oscars, at the least. Plus, there will probably be some famous friends in the crowd for some bonus celebrity oggling.

    Audience members are invited to interact by filming the production. Tickets are on a first come first served basis for the show which will run at Stella Adler studios (31 West 27th Street between Broadway and 6th Ave) May 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 at 11pm. There will be an additional performance on Saturday May 14 at 12:30am.